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Write your sacs with confidence


Using our VCAA past exam questions ranked by difficulty level and sorted by topic you can now write SACS using VCAA past exams confident that you are testing the range of student ability for Specialist, Methods and Further Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.


ATAR calculator

Use On Track VCE's ATAR calculator to help your students get a feel for how well they will need to perform to get the rank they need for the course they want.



Here is a link to the VTAC ATAR cut offs to help them with their planning.


study score oracle


Give your students an estimate of their potential study score when they have answered as little as one past VCAA exam question. The more questions they answer, the greater the predictive power will be.




Teachers who sign up their whole class can have access to detailed analysis of individual strengths and weakness of each student. This can enable precise targeting of areas for improvement. Contact us if you are a teacher and would like to utilise this free service.



Study score estimator

You have a good idea of where your students fit in compared to their peers at school. On Track VCE can provide a report that shows where they fit overall and for each individual question compared to students across Victoria who sat the exam.

All they need to do it sit a recent past VCAA exam in Mathematics (Further, Methods, Specialist), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Health and Human Development, Legal Studies, Business Management, Physical Education or Accounting and enter in the marks for each question to generate a report.



Here is an example of what a report might look like....


Green for each question on the report shows proportionally how many students your student did better than for that question, grey they performed the same as and red shows the proportion of students who were awarded more marks than your student. See at a glance, students who are struggling with the same concept.


effective study tips

We also have study tips based on recent academic research which you can share to help your students establish effective study habits, avoid procrastination, and boost their long term memory retention.


How else can we help you?

We have recently offered questions from past exams in Maths/Science with a difficulty ranking based on how difficult students who sat the exam found the questions. These could be used to develop SACs to test the range of abilities within the classroom.


However we want to develop resources in collaboration with the people who will use them. With this in mind we welcome your suggestions regarding what would make your life easier. 

We invite you to become part of the On Track VCE community or drop us a line directly.