Using the drop-down boxes to enter my marks is tedious. Is there a quicker way?

Yes. Enter the mark using your keyboard and use the tab key to toggle to the next question. 


I don’t understand my report. What’s all that green, grey and red about?

Green is the proportion of students who sat the exam that you did better than for that question


Grey is the proportion of students who sat the exam that you did the same as than for that question


Red is the proportion of students who sat the exam that did better than you for that question


I don’t understand my report. What’s that green bar with the black line?

The black line is an estimate of your performance based on your rank. Within that ranking there is a margin of error represented by the green bar.


Where do you get past exams?

They also give the correct answers and limited advice on marking criteria.


Why do some subjects (Further Mathematics especially) ask for marks across multiple questions?

The VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority) release the average mark for each question, but sometimes (often in Further Mathematics) the average is recorded across multiple questions meaning it was impossible to break down the analysis to individual questions or sub questions.


How do I print the list of suggested questions?

The same way you would normally. Select Control P and you should come up with a printer dialogue box.


My subject has two exams per year. Do I need to enter both exams to get a study score estimate?



How do you estimate my study score without course work and both exams?

The study score estimator assumes you perform consistently on both exams if you have a subject with two exams per year and you only enter one. It assumes your rank for course work is the same as your exam rank.


What about optional modules?

If your subject has optional modules you only have to enter the marks for the correct number of modules for that exam.


I’ve only done part of an exam. Can you estimate my study score?


Yes. We have recently developed a Study Score Oracle that can give you an estimate of your study score after answering as little as one past exam question. 


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