when it's getting close to exam time....

You probably already know how you compare to your peers at school. On Track VCE shows how you compare to the rest of Victoria! See if you are on track to get the score you need for the course you want.


Signing up for your FREE study score estimate provides you with a report that compares how you performed against the students across Victoria who actually sat the exam.






What do I get?


Your report will look something like this...



What does it all mean?


Is there a lot of red? Red shows the proportion of students that got more marks than you for that question. Maybe there’s lots of green? You did better than those students. Grey? You and that proportion of students got the same marks.


What do I have to do?


Sit a Year 12 practice exam from the VCAA website in either Mathematics (Further, Methods or Specialist), Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Psychology, Health and Human Development, Legal Studies, Business Management, Physical Education or Accounting . If your teacher hasn’t marked the exam you can mark it yourself according to the VCAA criteria. Sign into to our website and enter your marks for each question.


From the report you will see for each individual question and overall how you compared to students who actually sat the exam. 


TIP: To avoid using the drop-down boxes for each mark, enter your mark from the keyboard and use the tab key to toggle to the next mark. 

If you've only done a topic or partial exam try out study score oracle...


If you have only done part of an exam or a topic, use the Study Score Oracle to give you an estimate of your study score.