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On Track VCE has a range of study aids to help you stay on track throughout the year. 



when it's getting close to exam time....


You know how you rank against your peers at school, our Study Score Estimator will show how you rank against the students who actually sat the exam.


Introducing our newest resource - the study score oracle


By entering the results of as little as one past exam question, you can get an estimate of your study score.  Available for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Health and Human Development, Legal Studies, Business Management, Physical Education and Accounting.


Prepare for SACS. Choose exam questions on a specific topic and targeted difficulty level. You can even choose the difficulty level based on the study score you need for the subject!

Improve your long term memory recall by testing if you know the right technique to use to solve a problem with our past exam questions at a targeted difficulty level. Maybe you have heard about the magic of interleaving from our study tips blog or read about it on Facebook?



at the start of the year....

Find out how well you need to do with our ATAR calculator. See what you need to do to ensure you are on track to achieve the score you need for the course you want.



Here is a link to the VTAC ATAR cut offs to help with your planning.



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